Terms of Service

ServerStrong's Terms of Service (TOS) are updated regularly. As a client of ours, you agree to follow these terms, therefore, we ask that you review these terms periodically and contact us if any clarification is needed.

Please do be advised that we reserve the right to uphold these terms, as well as reserve the right to refuse to do business.


All shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting services are provisioned automatically and instantly, assuming your order and request for services is not automatically triggered by any fraud review mechanism we may employ for safety reasons. Such orders, as well as orders for dedicated servers require manual review and can take up to 24 hours to be set up.

Our VPS environments are based on fair-share CPU policy.


We offer a 3 day money back guarantee on shared hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting services. Any refund requests submitted past this timeframe are evaluated on a case by case basis. We're confident that you won't ever have to utilize our refund policy as you'll be so pleased with our services, however we certainly wish to work with any client that is having an issue with our services! Clients who have violated our TOS/AUP have forfeited any eligibility for a refund. 


By default, ServerStrong's services are unmanaged, meaning support is provided for issues that are beyond your control. This includes but is not limited to: network issues, hardware issues, adding OS templates, etc.

However, we will always assist all customers on a best effort basis regardless of the request. Additionally, Server Management plans are available for clients who request a broader spectrum of one on one support.


ServerStrong does not tolerate UCE or SPAM email. Please respect this rule and keep our network clean.


At ServerStrong, we want to make it simple on us, and on you. The short answer is, as long as what you're doing is respectful to your neighbors and is not illegal in the United States, it is fine to run!

For example, we allow legal adult content, IRC, website hosting, developer sandboxes, VOIP servers, website servers, and VPN/proxies.

We do not allow any illegal or disruptive activities, such as child pornography, email spamming, sending DDoS attacks from your server, CPU mining activities, cryptocurrency mining, torrents, warez, nested virtualization (creating a VPS within your VPS), or any other type of activity or malicious processes that could be disruptive to our environment.

Please contact us at support@ServerStrong.com if you have any questions about our policies.

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